Established in 1990, AKIRA is a Singapore homegrown brand, catering mainly the mass-market. Since its existence, the brand focuses on the affordability and quality of the products. In the year 2003, it was the breakthrough for AKIRA to be known as one of Singapore’s most affordable and yet quality consumer electronic brand. AKIRA launched the bi-annual Warehouse Sale. It was a talked of the town event and more than 200,000 customers visit every warehouse sale.

AKIRA started with a humble beginning of 12 products, and through its the determination and focus it multiplied to more than 2,000 models that lead to a millions and million of sets sold over the years. The brand continues to expand leveraging on the distribution network and the strategic brand positioning as a quality, innovative and value-for-money consumer electronics products.

The core value of AKIRA is to deliver a quality and value for money product. AKIRA established a product/business development groups in many parts of the world, a team of experienced engineers in product evaluation and outgoing product control as well as efficient supply chain management. The brand also had established a team of dedicated people in product, sales, & marketing to further understand the current need of the market.

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