Dumex Mamil Gold PreciNutri Growing Up Step 3
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Product Description

During the first 3 years of life, your child’s brain achieves 4 times its size at birth, reaching 80% of its adult weight by age 2^.

Therefore it is important that your child gets the right nutrition to fulfill his growing needs at this stage.

When to use Dumex Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 3?
Dumex Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 3 is specially tailored to support the nutritional needs of children aged 1-3 years old.

Dumex Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 3 contains PreciQ – A system of nutrients including DHA and ARA which are important building blocks for the development of your child’s brain and eyes. Dumex Mamil Gold PreciNutri contains the highest level of DHA among all Growing Up Milk in Singapore.


Product Information

◆      Is specially tailored to support overall growth and development of your child

◆      Is Sucrose-free and lowest in fat

◆      Contains 77% more Calcium