Yeo’s Soya Bean Bottle Drink 350ml
Yeo’s Soya Bean Bottle Drink 350ml
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Product Description

Hugely popular, Soy Milk is many Asian’s favourite beverage especially at the breakfast table. This protein-rich drink is smooth, lightly sweet, fragrant and highly nutritious! It is the ideal drink to start your day right!

Enjoy Soy Goodness Everyday!

With its wealth of goodness and authentic home-made taste that is familiar to all, you can now savour every sip of your Soy Milk in its original smooth and velvety form, or simply enjoy the wide delightful variety of Soy Drinks that will add fun to your everyday healthy diet! 

Full of wholesome goodness:

  • No Trans-fat

  • No Cholesterol

  • Lactose Free & Non-Dairy

  • No Added Preservatives

  • Made with non-GMO Soy Beans