Duwon Gold Citron Tea
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Product Description

Yuja Tea or Yuja cha (citron tea) is a traditional Korean tea (herbal tea)made from the citrus fruit yuzu.

Yuja fruit is thinly sliced with its peel
and combined with honey or sugar, prepared as fruit preserves or marmalade.
The fruit is so prepared because of its otherwise sour and somewhat bitter taste.
Though the word Yuzu is sometimes translated into english as citron,the citron and the yuzu are distinct types of citrus fruits.
Yuja Tea is used as a herbal remedy for the common cold and similar winter illnesses


Yuja cha is good for colds, coughs, headaches
and chills because it contains a lot of vitamin C,
which is effective in preventing colds and fatigue recovery.
It can also help people recover from colds quickly,
by causing perspiration to bring down a fever.
It also helps soothe the inflammation in throats and coughs.
Alcohol poisoning and help digestion.




100% Citron(Yuzu, Yuja), Sugar.

Country of Origin: South Korea.