Delitalk Black Chokeberry+ Omija+ Citron
Delitalk Black Chokeberry+ Omija+ Citron 333ml
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Product Description

Aronia berries are manufactured and processed with great care and are kept at their most natural state.


  • Look younger than actual age
  • beneficial to those suffering from side effects of a disease and those who do not exercise regularly
  • Help you feel less tired
  • Improves eyesight


Yuja(Citron) is one of the traditionally well known fruits in Korea. Yuja is rich in Vitamin C, as well as citric acid and fibrin.



  • Beautifying Skin

  • Preventing cold, coughing, freckles, high blood pressure and even cancer

  • Uses natural yuja juice to fully provide the refreshing and deep taste of yuja

  • Made in a clean environment complying with the HACCP Authentication Standards of the Korea Food & Drug Administration

It's called ''Omija'' because of its five distinct flavors; sweet, sour, hot, bitter and salty.



  • Antioxidation
  • Stimulation of respiratory system
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease 
  • Activation of central nervous system
  • Activation of anti-inflammation by controlling cancer