MasterFoods Cayenne Pepper (Extra Hot)
MasterFoods Cayenne Pepper (Extra Hot) 30g
1 Bottle
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Product Description

MasterFoods Cayenne Pepper is specially blended to satisfy chilli lovers. Cayenne Pepper belongs to the same family as chilli and is the dried ground fruit of a perennial shrub native to the Americas and now grown throughout the world. Use this spice sparingly! A pinch is enough to add a little heat to any dish.


*Tip: Add a little at a time to prevent turning your delicious meal into a burning dish.


Product Information

◆      Adds a little spice to any meal

◆      Ideal for meat slices, stews, gravies and vegetables

◆      Can be used as barbecue seasoning as well

◆      Use with other MasterFoods spices to create an aromatic meal