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Product Description

Paprika comes from a red sweet member of the capsicum family native to the Americas.

The origin of paprika goes back 7000 years when the Mexican Indians consumed various chillies, forerunners to paprika, as a regular part of their diets. The history of paprika is comparatively short as it was not until Columbus discovered the New World in 1492 that the circumstances were created for the Spanish and the Hungarians to create what we now know as paprika.

*Tip: Paprika has a warm, slightly woody capsicum flavour. Best with barbequed meats, roast chicken or vegetables; or in your favourite beef stroganoff.

Product Information

◆      Flavours cooked dish with delicious woody capsicum taste

◆      Ideal for meat slices, stews, gravies and vegetables

◆      Can be used as a seasoning in beef stroganoff

◆      Use with other MasterFoods spices to create an aromatic meal