MasterFoods Lemon Pepper Seasoning
MasterFoods Lemon Pepper Seasoning 52g
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Product Description

This tangy seasoning is great for fish, shellfish, chicken and pork.

A combination of real lemon peel and hearty, coarse ground pepper creates a fresh, unforgettable taste. MasterFoods Lemon Pepper Seasoning contains real lemon peel for a refreshing pepper taste. MasterFoods Lemon Pepper Seasoning gives chicken and fish a subtle flavor boost, just enough to bring out their natural aromas and distinctive taste.


*Tip: Use with vegetables, salads and dressings for a fresh lemon flavour. Can also be used as a table seasoning. Season sauce for creamed vegetables. Add to dressings for chicken salad or to chicken soup. Stir through softened butter and serve over grilled meats.


Product Information

◆      Tangy flavour with a blend of herbs

◆      Ideal for meat seafood, vegetables and dressings

◆      Can be used as a seasoning on barbecued food

◆      Use with other MasterFoods spices to create an aromatic meal